Bethlehem peace light arrives in Germany

Bethlehem peace light arrives in Germany

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The so-called peace light from the town of Bethlehem, the place of Jesus Christ's birth in the Bible, has arrived in Germany.

Scouts brought the flame from the Austrian capital Vienna to various German cities, where it was used to light candles and thereby pass on the light of peace.

One of the places that received the light was the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, where one year ago failed Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri ploughed a truck into visitors at a Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring dozens of others.
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The light was received into the church during a service on Sunday as a sign against terrorism and violence.

It was carried around the booths of the market that surrounds the landmark church, a reminder of the destruction of World War II, to remember the victims of the December 19, 2016 attack.

The light from Bethlehem, now located in the West Bank in the Palestinian Territories, is considered a symbol of hope and peace at Christmas time.
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The candles are lit from others in Bethlehem's Grotto of the Nativity, believed to mark where Jesus was born, and are transported in secure holders by aeroplane and train to locations all over Europe.

The scouts have been involved in the distribution of the Peace Light since 1986.

Private individuals are able to light their own candles from the peace lights in various churches around Europe.
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