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  • 23.02.2019

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Trump talks to Putin about North Korea

Trump talks to Putin about North Korea

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President Donald Trump thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for remarks he made on Thursday "acknowledging America's strong economic performance," the White House said.

The two presidents spoke by phone following Putin's annual press conference in Moscow.

Trump and Putin also discussed ways to work together to address North Korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons program.
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During his remarks in Moscow, Putin accused those investigating potential collusion between Russia and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign of damaging the US political situation, "incapacitating the president and showing a lack of respect to voters who cast their ballots for him."

Putin also warned the US against using force against North Korea. Trump has repeatedly said that all options remain on the table.

The call comes the same day Putin said the US is only hurting itself by investigating alleged collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia.
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Putin said in remarks that mirrored Trump's arguments that concerns about collusion were "invented by people who oppose President Trump to undermine his legitimacy" and demonstrated a "lack of respect to voters who cast their ballots for him."

Putin also said the countries should be cooperating to tackle the North Korean standoff, but warned the US not to use force against Pyongyang.
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