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  • 03.07.2020
James May talks Grand Tour's season two

James May talks Grand Tour's season two

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James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are back for season two of The Grand Tour, the highly-successful motoring show they created after departing the BBC's Top Gear.

In an interview with AAP, May chats about the health of his co-hosts, Hammond's facial hair, Mark Webber's mysterious cameo, the prospect of the show filming in Australia and whether David Hasselhoff wore Baywatch budgie smugglers during a guest appearance.

The Grand Tour Season 2 airs in Australia on Amazon Prime Video.
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Q: Hey James. So Jeremy had pneumonia and Richard had a car crash. Would it be correct to say you're the fittest, strongest of the trio?

A: I wouldn't say I'm the fittest, but I am the least incapacitated. They're OK now. They are just making a bloody lot of fuss about nothing.

Q: So Richard's OK? His crash seemed pretty serious.
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A: No, he's awful. He's an irritating accident-prone rodent. Physically he's alright. He's too short and his face is too hairy. One is an affliction and the other is a lifestyle choice (laughs).

Q: Tell us about season two. There's a few changes.

A: It is a bit different. We've taken a few elements out and put a few surprises in, travel the world a bit more than what we did and take the tent around a bit less because it took too much time and, frankly, money.
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Q: Another big change this season is Celebrity Brain Crash has been replaced by Celebrity Face Off.

A: It has been changed in a surprising way. I can't say too much but you will get to see some famous people.

Q: Do you actually get to speak to the celebrities this season? You don't just kill them off?
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A: (Laughs) No, we don't just kill them straight away. Just to be really clear we didn't really kill them in the last season. We do talk to them properly.

Q: Any Australian celebrities?

A: I can't tell you. But, there has been a famous Australian racing driver in some of our peripheral promotional film coverage. I can tell you the driver is Mark Webber.
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Q: Do you go to Australia in the second season?

A: Not on this one, but it doesn't mean we won't in the future. We do like going to Australia and have done our live show a lot there. It's a bloody long way there.

Q: David Hasselhoff was in episode one of the new season? Did he wear his Baywatch budgie smugglers?
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A: (Laughs) No, he wasn't in his budgies unless he had them on underneath his regular clothes.

Q: For petrol heads the true stars of the show are the cars. What are some of the cars we will see in season two?

A: We've got the new NSX, McLaren 720s, the new Ford GT. We also have old car rubbish. There's an old Jag(uar). I drive a very small low-powered VW, some off roaders, a pick-up truck. Pretty much everything really.
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Q: Would it be correct to say you are the most popular host on the show?

A: I've just been demoted to supporting actor according to the Amazon website, but I'm hoping it is just a mistake. I learned about it on Twitter.

I've just complained about it so they might change it soon.
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Q: How do you feel about that?

A: I suppose my job is primarily supporting two other egos which would fall over by themselves, so I'm not actually too bothered by it.
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