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  • 07.06.2020
Meghan ‘hires Jacko’s bodyguard’

Meghan ‘hires Jacko’s bodyguard’

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Mr Fiddes is said to be flying to Hollywood to meet Markle, 36, who is now back in LA to spend time with her mum Doria before Christmas, TMZ reported.

The Suits star will travel with royal protection at all times.

Mr Fiddes tweeted out links to reports linking him to Markle and added last night: “At the airport!
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“Almost time to leave the UK for a while! To train hard! See you all soon!”

A source added: “Meghan will be trained in many different areas, including what public places she should avoid, what she should do if she was ever approached and attacked in public and how to release herself from a situation like that.”

But Markle’s online supporters have already dealt with one troll. A loudmouth radio DJ was blasted after branded Meghan Markle a “gold-digger” — because she thought he was sexist.
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The Sun this week published video of an 18-year-old Markle tearing into host Tom Leykis in a candid home movie, blasting his treatment of women.

Speaking to her best pal Ninaki Priddy, she said: “He’s a top radio host and he’s like, very sexist, always talking about women as if they are pieces of meat.”

After reading our story, the DJ said: “@meghanmarkle thinks I’M a sexist? The woman who just sold herself to the highest bidder thinks I’M a sexist? America’s Next Top Golddigger thinks I’M a sexist!”
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But he was immediately criticised for his disparaging comments to the future princess.

One user tweeted: “And if this doesn’t prove you to be America’s next top SEXIST, don’t know what will. Point proven you sexist.”
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