Macron urges action on climate change

Macron urges action on climate change

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French President Emmanuel Macron has called for stronger action in the fight against climate change, as he hosted world leaders for talks two years to the day since the Paris agreement.

“We are very far from the goal of the Paris agreement of limiting the rise in temperatures to below a two-degree threshold,” he told Le Monde newspaper.

“Without much stronger mobilisation, a jolt to our means of production and development, we will not succeed,” he warned.
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Mr Macron also said he believes Donald Trump will bring the US back into the Paris deal on combating climate change.

But Mr Macron says he will not agree to the president’s demand that America’s terms should be negotiated.

He made his comments in a CBS interview on the eve of a summit on climate he has arranged on Tuesday in Paris.
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Mr Macron condemned the manner in which the US had signed an international deal, then withdrawn from it.

“The US did sign the Paris Agreement. It’s extremely aggressive to decide on its own just to leave, and no way to push the others to renegotiate because one decided to leave the floor. I’m sorry to say that. It doesn’t fly.”
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