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Spacey groped me: ex-hubby of Norway royal

Spacey groped me: ex-hubby of Norway royal

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The former husband of Norwegian King Harald's daughter is alleging that US actor Kevin Spacey groped him during the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo.
Ari Behn, Princess Martha Louise's husband for 14 years, told Norwegian radio that Spacey, who sat next to him, suddenly said "'hey, let's go out and have a cigarette,"' before "he touched me" on the genitals.
He said that he declined Spacey's approach by saying "maybe later."
Last Jedi set for $215m opening in US
Behn, 45, married Martha Louise, fourth in line to the Norwegian throne, in 2002. Last year, they decided to split but share custody over their three daughters.
Spacey, who was co-hosting the December 11, 2007 event, has faced numerous sexual misconduct and assault allegations, but he has remained mostly silent.
At least 15 young men have since come forward alleging that he sexually assaulted or attempted to rape them.
Assault laws in focus amid Weinstein saga
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