• 13:57
  • 22.09.2020
Germany offers to pay migrants to go home

Germany offers to pay migrants to go home

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Failed asylum seekers can apply for up to 3000 euros ($A4680) in financial aid if they opt to return to their countries of origin voluntarily, Germany's Interior Ministry says, confirming reports about a new government program.
Families returning home can apply for goods and services worth up to 3000 euros, while individuals can receive goods and services worth 1000 euros in their home country, the ministry said on Sunday, adding that the new benefits were an extension of an existing support program launched in February.
The German government is trying to incentivise voluntary departures by failed asylum seekers as the country deals with an influx of just below a million migrants that arrived from countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq in 2015 and 2016.
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"If you decide in favour of voluntary departure by the end of February, you can get not only start-up assistance, but also housing cost assistance for the first year in your country of origin," Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere was quoted as saying by mass circulation newspaper Bild, which had the initial report.
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