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  • 22.09.2020
Looks discrimination bad for health: poll

Looks discrimination bad for health: poll

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People who have been discriminated against because of their appearance are more likely to suffer from poor health, a survey shows.
The report, carried out on 2,973 people aged between 19 and 24, and conducted by a team led by professor Kim Seung-seop of Korea University, showed 8.3 per cent experienced discrimination based on their looks.
About 2.5 per cent said they have been discriminated against more than twice, while 5.8 per cent have been discriminated against once.
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About 7.6 per cent, or 228 people, of those questioned said they were not confident about their current state of health, the survey said, noting those who have experienced discrimination have 3.1 times more likelihood of feeling less healthy than those who have not been slighted.
Such discrimination can also lead to an addiction to drinking, smoking or even using drugs as young people are more sensitive about their appearance. Such a development can adversely harm a person's long-term health, the findings show.
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