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  • 16.10.2021
Sydney mum’s amazing transformation

Sydney mum’s amazing transformation

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A sydney mum has revealed that under eating had caused her body to slow down after admitting she hasn’t lost any weight despite her incredible transformation into a fitness model.
Digital Marketer Catalina Levitt, 37, who is a mum-of-two children from Port Botany, said it took “motivation, planning, discipline, resilience and commitment” to achieve her results.
“Surprisingly for some, I used to under eat. If I had breakfast, it was something small but 50 per cent of the time I would skip breakfast, then a chicken salad for lunch and some sort of snack in the afternoon when I got really hungry,” she told The Daily Telegraph.
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“As a result of these eating habits, my metabolism just got very slow, and even though I was regularly exercising, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. That is why I emphasis the importance of giving your body the right amount of good foods.
“I have always been an active person, but I was misinformed about the right level of activity I should do. I would do hours of cardio but very little or no weight for strengthening training. I was feeling tired all the time, with no energy and as a result I was more impatient with daily life issues.”
Levitt eats six meals a day but admitted it became expensive so she began to shop at budget grocery stores, Aldi and Costco.
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“I eat much more than I used to; I have five or six meals a day with protein, carbs and good fats; I still eat junk food once a week. I love chocolate,” she added.
The 37-year-old’s turning point occurred when things “got extremely busier” with the birth of her second child when she decided to seek help from coach Steph Parsons.
“I was constantly doing things for others day and night. I so wanted to do something positive for myself and I believed that if I had some time on my own and I did something that I really enjoyed for an hour a day, I could be more prepared to face the madness of my life,” she said.
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“I started to train under my coach supervision, and very soon I could see the results so that was motivation enough to keep going.
“For me it is all about self love. I wanted to do something that would make me happy and proud. I wanted to set up a goal and achieve it.
“When you’re exercising to compete in a fitness competition there’s a little voice that talks you down. It whispers, ‘I’m exhausted, my kids want me at home, I’m feeling down today’ and you want to pull up the doona and have one more hour of sleep.”
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Levitt said the secret to her fitness transformation was not to stress about the number on the scales and for people to do an activity they enjoy.

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