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  • 17.01.2021
‘Cats and dogs’ Brexit’s latest victims

‘Cats and dogs’ Brexit’s latest victims

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Dogs and cats would be unable to cross the Channel and British planes may not be allowed to land in Britain if we don’t get a Brexit deal, an EU boss has warned.
Chief negotiator Michel Barnier made the warning ahead of next month’s European Council meeting, where it is hoped trade talks can finally begin, reports The Sun.
Confirming that EU bosses are planning for no-deal with Britain if talks break down, Mr Barnier it was a “possibility” that needed to be prepared for.
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Stepping up the pressure for politicians to make progress in the coming weeks, he said in an interview with the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche: “Everyone must prepare for a lack of agreement, member states and businesses alike.
“We are making technical preparations for it ... it is a possibility.
“On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will become a third country”.
Brexit talks reach 'deadline of deadlines'
Speaking after the sixth round of Brexit talks this week produced little movement from either side, the EU boss warned that a failure to get to a deal would have “consequences on multiple domains” such as “the ability of British planes to land in Europe ... or on dogs or cats to cross the Channel.”
And he desperately admitted that staying in the Single Market and Customs Union was “still an option” for the bloc.
Theresa May has repeatedly said Britain must leave the arrangements so the country can take back control of their borders.
Brexit supporters think leaving EU is worth 'significant damage' to UK economy, poll finds
Mr Barnier said last week that we have two weeks to give concrete proposals on what we will pay to Brussels in our divorce bill.
Today billionaire investor James Dyson said it was time to “walk away” from the “outrageous” demands of Brussels, but Micheal Gove insisted he would not block higher payments to the EU to make sure we can move on to trade discussions soon.
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