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  • 03.06.2020
Businesses cashing in on sex scandal

Businesses cashing in on sex scandal

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Hollywood may be in chaos from an onslaught of sexual assault allegations, but the Pervnado is a goldmine for another industry: crisis management firms.
Public reactions gurus say they can’t sign up the yet-to-be-accused creeps fast enough — with one firm claiming a 70 per cent boom in business since Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault scandal broke last month, according to The Wrap.
“I’ve gotten more calls in the last month than I did in all of last year,” Susan Tellem of Malibu’s Tellem Grody PR told the outlet.
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Another PR firm that specialises in keeping its clients out of the media says it has tripled its workload in the past six weeks — and is hiring more fixers to keep up with demand.
“I’ve signed four new clients just this past week,” Evan Nierman of Red Banyan told The Wrap.
Some companies are hiring crisis fixers — who can charge up to $US850 an hour — even though they aren’t actually facing any accusations yet, one expert says.
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“There are so many of these cases, companies want to safeguard themselves from any future negative impact,” defence lawyer Lou Shapiro told the site. “All my colleagues are being called into battle.”
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