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  • 31.05.2020
Random defends Sophie and Stu

Random defends Sophie and Stu

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BACHELORETTE Sophie Monk has posted a video on Instagram in defence of her relationship with Stu Laundy.
The strange post, uploaded on Saturday afternoon, features a woman named Jan defending the couple following rumours they’ve split days after the Bachelorette finale went to air.
Jan says she didn’t watch the Bachelorette but was told by a friend about the couple and rumours of their split.
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“You’re Sophie Monk, I don’t watch The Bachelor but my friend told me you’re Sophie,” Jan said.
“I just read on my Facebook that you and Stu are not together anymore, and I’d like to verify that you are...I’ve seen the way how you’re behaving.”
Sophie then responded.
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“What’s that mean?” Sophie asked.
Jan replied: “That you love one another.”
Stu then asked Jan if their behaviour was inappropriate.
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“No, I think it’s inappropriate what they’re saying,” Jan said.
Sophie ended the video by saying: “Yeah same. Thank you.”
Two unidentified people are seen applauding following the interaction with Jan.
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Sophie captioned the post saying, “At least Jan has our back.”
The post has had more than 213,000 views within five hours.
Stu is pictured in the video wearing a white t-shirt, aviator sunglasses and ripped jeans and have champagne and cigarettes at their table.
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The pair are staying at a Melbourne hotel tonight.
The video was posted after fans of The Bachelorette scrutinising photos and videos of Monk and Laundy to judge for themselves whether the couple are genuinely in love.
Despite the couple telling News Corp just a day ago that they would love to have kids together, speculation has intensified after radio host Kate Langbroek took to social media last night with a devastating assessment of their relationship.
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Langbroek posted a snap of the couple’s appearance on The Project last night with the words: “She hates him”.
The post has set off a furious debate among fans, with many insisting that the couple are perfect for each other, and others declaring that their body language reveals that they have zero chemistry.
Other fans weighed in, saying that the questions the couple faced on The Project were “disrespectful”, and any signs of lagging energy on their part could have been attributable to a long day of media interviews.
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Prior to Thursday night’s finale of the show, Laundy shot down rumours that had linked him with Sydney socialite Tiffany Tilley.
“It’s all complete bulls***,” he said.
“I’ve never met Tiff. I know who Tiff is, we have very close mutual friends and I don’t know how but we have never met face-to-face, ever. Never, ever, ever.”
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