• 15:16
  • 04.03.2021
EU: UK should pay $98 billion for Brexit

EU: UK should pay $98 billion for Brexit

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The European Parliament's president says he believes Britain should pay at least 60 billion euros ($A98 billion) as it leaves the European Union to meet its financial commitments.
The divorce bill is the biggest stumbling block in negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the bloc, due in March 2019. The EU is demanding that Britain in turn promises to pay its financial dues into concrete commitments.
Asked in an interview with Germany's Funke newspaper group how much Britain should pay, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani was quoted as saying: "In my opinion, it should be at least 60 billion euros."
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He added: "If the EU accepted less, European citizens would have to make up the difference. But why should the Germans, Italians, Spanish or Dutch pay the Britons' bill?"
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