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  • 04.03.2021
16 hurt in anti-Trump clashes in Manila

16 hurt in anti-Trump clashes in Manila

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Hundreds of leftist activists, farmers and students have burned an effigy of US President Donald Trump in the shape of a swastika after clashes with anti-riot police in Manila left at least 16 people injured.
Police used water cannons on the demonstrators as they marched along Taft Avenue, about 6 kilometres away from the venue of the leaders summit of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
The protesters, numbering an estimated 1,000, pushed back and triggered a confrontation with about 500 police officers.
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Manila police district chief Joel Coronel said six police officers were injured, while rally organisers said 10 protesters were hurt, including two who were rushed to hospital after being hit on the head by police.
The demonstrators set the 4-metre Trump effigy on fire as the US president was scheduled to meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The meeting, however, was delayed. Loud rap music with the lyrics "Out Trump" played as the effigy burned.
The effigy in the form of a swastika symbolised "fascism, war, and plunder," said Renato Reyes Jr, secretary general of Bayan, one of the organisers of the protests.
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It had four spinning arms, each holding holding a bag of money, a warhead, a pistol and a shovel. Trump sported a moustache in the style of Hitler, with Duterte crouching behind him.
The demonstrators shouted anti-US slogans, demanding the American forces leave the Philippines and Washington stop imposing imperialist economic policies in the country.
They had banners reading, "Ban Trump," "US troops out now" and "Down with US imperialism."
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