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  • 18.10.2019
Meryl Streep: scandal can lead to change

Meryl Streep: scandal can lead to change

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Meryl Streep says the Hollywood sex abuse scandal is something she constantly discusses with her daughters, but that it is "absolutely thrilling" to think of the changes this moment may inspire.
Streep appears on the cover of US Vogue's December issue, and spoke to editor-in-chief Anna Wintour about the attention on the film industry following a number of allegations lodged against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.
Asked by Wintour what she talks to her daughters about at the dining table, Streep said: "Harvey Weinstein, it's all we talk about. It's horrible".
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"We want them to be free, we want them to be proud, we want them to be female, but you can't ... we put them in danger by not informing them about the male gaze and how it works on young girls."
The Oscar-winning actress, 68, told Wintour that she thinks "this moment is absolutely thrilling".
"This is a door that will not be closed, we've got a foot in there now, and it will be very different for people to conduct their lives the way they have in the past.
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"'Oh, that's just locker-room talk. Oh, that's just the way men are.' No, it's not.
"We're civilised people and we learn from our mistakes."
Weinstein, 65, has denied allegations of non-consensual sex and is facing criminal investigations in both the US and the UK.
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Streep appears on the cover of Vogue as the fashion magazine celebrates its 125th anniversary.
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