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Celebs who got caught in a lie

Celebs who got caught in a lie

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We all fib sometimes, even if it’s just a little white lie to save someone’s feelings.
It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and it’s not something celebs are immune to either.
Here’s some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers who have found themselves in hot water after they didn’t tell the truth ...
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Kim K has had a few awkward moments after she was caught fibbing but according to her ex beau, Nick Cannon, the biggest lie she told was in 2007.
Cannon said their relationship was all smooth sailing right up until that pesky moment rumours began to surface about some kind of a “private tape”.
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The private tape in question was a sex tape of Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Ray J.
Cannon said he confronted Kardashian and asked her to tell him the truth about the footage.
He alleged she looked him straight in the eye and said she never filmed the tape.
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After the tape was released Kardashian shot to fame and the two broke up not long after.
Cannon has later claimed if she would have been honest about it from the start he would have stuck around.
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J. Lo had the world believing she was born in 1970 for quite a while.
The truth only emerged when her ex beau P. Diddy was arrested in 1999 for an alleged shooting.
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When Lopez was taken in for questioning by the police they asked her some routine questions, like her birth date. Easy, right?
J. Lo’s mugshot from the incident was released and her lie was exposed.
The untold truth of Omarosa
It turns out the star had shaved a year off age, as it was revealed she was born in 1969.
With Jenner’s lips seemingly becoming voluptuous overnight came the star’s routine denial she had, had injections.
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For a very long time Jenner claimed her lips simply looked bigger because she would over line them with lip liner.
But in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2015 she admitted she had, had a little help.
She said, “I have temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do ... I want to admit to the lips, but people are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I didn’t lie.”
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This year Jenner admitted the reason behind her insecurities stemmed from a boy when she was a teenager.
Speaking to her therapist on Life of Kylie, she said, “I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips.
“I had really small lips, and it was, like, one of my first kisses, and a guy was like, ‘I didn’t think you’d be a good kisser because you have such small lips’.
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“I took that really hard.”
The 20-year-old said the comment “really affected” her.
“I didn’t feel desirable or pretty.”
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Yes, Queen Bey has even found herself in hot water for telling a fib.
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Her hit Irreplaceable took over the charts and even though Beyonce sings it, there was a little bit of confusion when it came to who actually wrote it.
In an interview in 2008 with Marie Claire UK she said, “I’m sure people think I wrote it about [Jay Z] or something, but ... the obvious person is not the person at all.”
Well, things got a little awkward when Ne-Yo revealed it was him who actually wrote the song. He claimed Beyonce only contributed to the background harmonies.
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In a radio interview Ne-Yo said, “One song that I gave away and didn’t want to is Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable.
“I honestly wrote that song for myself ... However, a man singing it comes across a little bit misogynistic, a little bit mean.”
Many felt like this was Ne-Yo throwing shade at Beyonce so it caused even more controversy.
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