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  • 20.10.2019
Mozart's shoe buckle fetches $A18,853

Mozart's shoe buckle fetches $A18,853

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A shoe buckle owned by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been sold for 12,500 euros ($A18,853) at auction in Vienna, after having been handed down by the family of the famous composer's shoemaker since the 18th century.
The price was far above the estimated value of between 2000 and 4000 euros that had been set by the Dorotheum auction house.
The buyer wished to stay anonymous, a Dorotheum spokeswoman told dpa on Tuesday.
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The unknown collector will receive the engraved metal piece in an ornate reliquary shrine, accompanied by a hand-written letter of authenticity.
In the letter, Marie Buehn writes that the buckle was passed down for generations, starting with her great-grandfather Matthias Knoller, the Vienna master shoemaker who made Mozart's footwear.
Mozart required the services of Vienna's fashion artisans not only because of his expensive taste, but also because of his lively performance style.
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In the spring of 1789, the composer conducted a concert in Dresden and kept the time by stamping his foot so forcefully that he broke a shoe buckle, according to a 19th-century biographer.

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