• 19:51
  • 25.05.2020
Wife of man accused of Putin plot killed

Wife of man accused of Putin plot killed

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The wife of a Chechen man accused of plotting an attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin has died after the couple's car was shot at near Kiev, police say.
Adam Osmayev and Amina Okuyeva were attacked on Monday night while they were crossing a railroad in Hlevaha village.
Osmayev had escaped with light injuries but Okuyeva, who received a bullet to her head, died in the hospital, website lb.ua reported.
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Osmayev said the attack had the hallmark of being masterminded by Russia and it was not the first against the couple who had fought as part of Ukraine government forces against pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.
In June, a hitman pretending to be a journalist had invited them to an interview and opened fire on Osmayev, who escaped uninjured.
In 2012, Russian officials arrested Osmayev on suspicion of being part of a plot by Islamists to kill Putin.
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He first confessed to the assassination plan, but retracted the confession later, saying it was forced.
Russia had sought his extradition, which was rejected by Ukrainian authorities based on a recommendation by the European Court of Human rights.
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