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  • 25.05.2020
Trade talks on Trump and Xi's agenda

Trade talks on Trump and Xi's agenda

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The United States believes progress with China on a range of trade issues has become more difficult and Beijing appears on a "trajectory of retrenchment," a senior Trump administration official says.
President Donald Trump will insist in upcoming talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping that more balance is needed in US-Chinese trade relations, the official said, briefing reporters ahead of Trump's November 3-14 Asia trip that will include a stop in Beijing.
Trump's Asia tour is shaping up to be the longest by an American president in 25 years.
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With tensions over North Korea's nuclear challenge, Trump's trip stops in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.
The official's remarks on the US-Chinese trade relations could herald some friction in Trump's talks with Xi on a state visit to Beijing that comes just as Xi consolidated power in a Communist Party congress.
Trump has repeatedly complained about the US trade deficit with China, which was $US347 billion ($A453 billion) in 2016. But he has shied away from taking major punitive trade actions against China.
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The official said over the long-term China must provide fair and reciprocal treatment to US and international companies and stop "predatory trade and investment practice".
"Progress on a range of bilateral economic issues has become increasingly difficult. We believe this reflects a slowdown and even a retrenchment in China's move toward a market-oriented economy," the official said.
On Monday, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai predicted in a briefing with reporters that "there will be significant outcomes on the economic side" while Trump is in Beijing.
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