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  • 19.11.2019
Ex-Trump adviser guilty of lying to FBI

Ex-Trump adviser guilty of lying to FBI

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An obscure Trump campaign adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents about contacts with people who claimed to have ties to top Russian officials, in the first criminal charges alleging links between the campaign and Moscow, according to court documents.
George Papadopoulos, who joined the Trump presidential campaign in March 2016, lied early this year about communicating with those individuals to arrange a meeting between then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Special Counsel Robert Mueller said in the documents released on Monday.
The documents said an unidentified campaign official advised Papadopoulos around May 2016 that Trump himself "is not doing these trips" but that "it should be someone low-level in the campaign so as not to send any signal".
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The special counsel said Papadopoulos lied to FBI agents about when he learned from an unnamed foreign professor that Russia claimed to have "dirt" in the form of "thousands of emails" on Clinton.
Prosecutors said Papadopoulos told agents he had been in contact with the professor before joining the Trump campaign. In fact, they said, Papadopoulos met with the professor after the lawyer had joined the campaign.
The documents were released just after indictments against Manafort and business associate Rick Gates charging them with multiple offences. They included money laundering, conspiracy against the United States and failing to register as foreign agents.
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Papadopoulos, a Chicago-based international energy lawyer, pleaded guilty on October 5 to lying to FBI agents, according to a court statement by Mueller's office.
As part of a plea deal, Papadopoulos agreed to plead guilty to making a "materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement" to FBI agents.
In an October 5 letter to the Chicago man's lawyer, Mueller and his team noted that Papadopoulos faced up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $US9500, but that they agreed "to bring to the court's attention at sentencing the defendant's efforts to co-operate with the government" on the condition that he continues providing information on "any and all matters" the prosecutors deemed relevant.
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