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  • 19.11.2019
Spacey apologises, comes out as gay

Spacey apologises, comes out as gay

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Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has revealed he is "living as a gay man" as he issued a statement following allegations that he made sexual advances on a 14-year-old boy in 1986.
Spacey, 58, who won Oscars for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, made the declaration in a post on Twitter.
He apologised to fellow actor Anthony Rapp in the same post for an incident Rapp alleges occurred in 1986. Rapp, who went on to star in the Broadway musical Rent, was 14 at the time and starting his career.
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Spacey said he was "horrified" to hear Rapp's story of the encounter, which he said "I honestly do not remember" because it occurred more than 30 years ago.
He also said he owed Rapp a "sincere apology" for what he said would have been "deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour."
Rapp's story "has encouraged me to address other things in my life," Spacey wrote. "I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life, and I now choose to live life as a gay man.
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"I want to deal with this honestly and openly," he said, "and that starts with me examining my own behaviour."
In an interview published by website BuzzFeed, Rapp described attending a party hosted by Spacey, then 26, in which the Hollywood star picked him up, brought him to a bed and lay down on top of him after other guests left. Rapp, who said he had the impression Spacey was drunk, said he pushed him away and left.
"I still to this day can't wrap my head around so many aspects of it. It's just deeply confusing to me," Rapp told BuzzFeed.
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Rapp said he spoke out following allegations against Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment, assault or rape in recent weeks.
In 2000, Spacey denied in an interview that he was gay, following an article in Esquire magazine in 1997 insinuating that he was.
Spacey, a Tony Award winner for Lost in Yonkers, stars in the Netflix political drama House of Cards. He also served for 10 years as artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre company.
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